Tattered Past

Tattered Past: My ongoing journey through genealogy, history, writing, self-exploration and art. ~~~ Rita Ackerman

Monday, June 11, 2012

A Change In Plans

Doug and I had big plans for getting things done around the house yesterday. I got up early and worked in the garden until it started getting to hot. Doug was cleaning out his work truck. Then we moved inside and had laundry going and Doug fired up his air compressor to clean out the vacuum and suddenly a loud alarm went off, the lights started flashing, the clothes dryer started making a terrible grinding sound, there was a pop and the smell of metallic burning around my computer table. Doug ran outside to the fuse box. I started shutting things down and Maggie went nuts.

For about two hours Doug was in and out to the fuse box (because he does A/C installation and repair, he is very familiar with electrical) checking lines. In the meantime, we thought we had blown the dryer, my modem was fried and it was the oven that was sounding the horrible loud alarm. Maggie is running around and trying to climb into my lap any time I try to sit down.

Finally he figured out there was something wrong with the wiring on the electrical company's side of the box so we called them and settled down to wait with no electric. I was calmly reading a book and Doug got to pondering what it must have been like for the pioneers who didn't have air conditioning, Netflix, Internet, clothes dryers, hot water, a refrigerator and all those other things we take for granted. I think about those things a lot but he was really drawn into the imaginings.

The electric company came and had to run a cable to the box in the neighbor's yard which got us electricity for now. They will have to come out later to dig ditches and rerun some of our wiring from the house.

So we slowly started turning stuff back on. The burning smell was the surge protector which also took out the modem but my computer and everything else was safe. So we rushed up to Best Buy and got a new modem. While I worked on installing that, Doug found out the wii was also burned out. For that we only had to replace the cord which is on order. The dryer was fine and so was the freezer and all those other wonderful things.

I have a feeling we were very lucky but the stress of not knowing what was going on and having burning smells in our house and the dog going nuts was so stressful. It took Maggie a long time to settle down. She has a red chew toy that we only give to her at special times because we don't want her destroying it. She didn't even want that. As we settled down Doug went up to get KFC for dinner and I tuned in to some oldies on uTube. Maggie finally settled down and was holding her red toy in her paws and relaxing on the side of the bed.  All's well at the Ackerman house.