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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Remember When: Hollyhocks

I just went out to trim back some dead hollyhocks. I planted a whole packet of seeds and there are two about ready to bloom.
I think.

One reason I'm so interested in growing hollyhocks is this photo of my Great Grandmother Nellie and her sister Laura.
Those are some serious hollyhocks.
This photo was taken in Fowler, Kansas. A tiny town in the southwestern part of the state. My 2nd Great Grandfather, John Riley Keith brought his family to this area from Illinois via covered wagon. Nellie was about 7 years old.

When we watch movies on tv or read about history it always seems like so long ago. That the things that we're watching don't really have a connection to us. But, I remember Nellie, she died when I was 10. I have pictures of a little me with her. Laura died in January 1930.

Those wagon train days aren't so far off.
I wish I'd been older or knew to ask more questions before Nellie left us. Now all those stories are gone. 
I'm doing my best to reconstruct the history. To learn about my ancestors and to even grow the same flowers.

How do you link to your past?