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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Remember When: Backgrounds

When I look at photographs of ancestors or other historical photos I spend a lot of time looking at the background. The way the people lived and the details of their lives.
Do you remember slumber parties? Are they still as popular as they were when I was young? This photo is probably around 1968 or 1969.
I remember the girls in this photo but what I'm enjoying most is remembering my room. There's a hamster cage. I don't remember the hamster. Above that is the little pink jewelry box Mom got me at the Woolworths in Great Bend, Kansas after a bad time at the dentist.

There's a white plastic clamshell box I still have. On top of the TV is a ceramic critter that I will write more about later. I don't know where we got that old TV but I do remember watching "The Lloyd Thaxton Show," "Hullabaloo" and many others. That blue phonograph played many an album and singles. I'm sure the "Meet the Beatles" album is hiding on the rack.

My how I'm loving these memories. Have you looked back at your own photos lately? Have you looked at the details that are full of memories in themselves?

It also makes me happy to think this blog is helping me share my memories with my daughter and if the technology allows my grandchildren as they get older. Oh, how I wish my ancestors had blogs.


  1. And I remember small TV's stuck on TV trays just like that one too!

    And remember having to walk over to the TV to turn it on, off, or change the channel?

  2. My husband and I were just talking about this the other night! I remember slumber parties just at the same time as this photo. I had mine over Christmas vacation, and I remember staying up what seemed like all night with my friends, listening to the Top 100 countdown on our little transistor radios, waiting for the Number 1 Song for the year.

    I had a green chenille bathroom and big fuzzy slippers for mine. Wish I had a photo, but I'm enjoying yours nearly as much. xo -teri


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