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Monday, May 7, 2012

The Ballet

I have always been amazed when watching ballet - only on television or movies. I've never been to a ballet - until this weekend.

My friend's son is graduating this year from the Scottsdale School of Ballet. Her daughter graduated two years ago, before I knew them.
When she told me about the school's performance at the Herberger Theater in downtown Phoenix I knew I had to go and since it was another friend's birthday . . . we were off to the ballet.

I couldn't take pictures of the performance but it was amazing. All the way from the little kids playing mice and puppies to the advanced students. Andrew, the graduate, was amazing. I had no idea how powerful ballet could be in person. His sister, Amy, although a former graduate had a part too and she was great.

The excitement of theater and being downtown is intoxicating.

These are some of the lights in the area surrounding
the theater and other downtown venues.

I love taking "experimental" photos like this.
Some of the excitement on the street.

Congratulations to Andrew, Amy and all the dancers of the Scottsdale School of Ballet.