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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Back Through Time and Family

 Last summer I found a clue in an old newspaper that stated a relative of my husband had been killed by lightening near Miami, Arizona. I wouldn't thought too much about this article because it was about a John Martin but I did glance through it and saw an Overdeer as a relative. That name isn't common, especially in Arizona so I knew I had somebody from my husband's family.

I followed through on John Martin and learned his parents were from Washington and actually buried in the Pleasant Valley Cemetery near Goldendale. When I got up to Washington my daughter and I took a day to drive down and visit with her ancestors. Not only did we find her great, great, great grandparents stones but we learned other information from the local historical society.
I've continue the search and learned a couple of weeks ago that Jessica's fourth great grandparents are buried in Yakima. A cemetery she had visited often with no idea she had family buried there.
The names of the people buried in Yakima are Joseph and Mary Jane Remley. The Remleys lived in a different county than the Martins and I don't know yet how the families came together but we now have a new place to research.

Who would have thought that when my daughter met her husband and chose to move to south central Washington she would be living in the same place as her own ancestors. Monday Jessica and Matt went out to the cemetery and took photos which they haven't sent yet but just knowing there is that connection is touching.

As I watch "Who Do You Think You Are" each week I'm amazed at how these celebrities find their ancestors and the serendipitous events that occur for them. I am also often surprised by their emotional reactions. I think Jessica is feeling a bit of that connection to her own forebears.