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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Thrift Store Finds

I love searching thrift stores. I try to make at least one a week. Sometimes I look at clothes and sometimes bags and purses. Mostly I look for stuff to art with.

Last week I found these wonderful buttons. I don't know which is most exciting . . . the buttons or the cards they come on.

My favorite is this bluebird. Isn't that a wonderful vintage card?

I'm sure many of my readers are asking what I will do with this?
Well, I could take it apart and use the buttons on something and the artwork in a collage. Or maybe put the whole thing on a mixed-media canvas or even in a Remains of the Day style journal like this one I made on Easter.

For now I'm just enjoying the nostalgic artwork.

Other recent thrift store finds have been silver plated spoons to decorate and add poetry words to, books to take apart and remake in to journals, upholstery fabric for journals and wall-hangings and journals and scrapbooking supplies.

Did I need any of this? No. But I did need the smiles these items caused. Life is made up of the little things, even if they come from a thrift store.


  1. Rita, I like to poke around in thrift stores, too, but I don't think I do nearly as well as you do. Or my cousin -- you should see her finds!

    1. It takes deligence and some depends on what you are looking for. Often I don't find anything.

  2. Did you mother have a "button box?"

    Mine did - - - it was a round flat tin. We used to dump it out on the floor and play with the buttons. I still remember lots of button cards on top with still one or two buttons left on them from sewing projects that didn't use all the buttons.

    I believe my youngest daughter now has that tin - - - what a precious thing to have!

    1. Yes. Mom had a button tin but I can't remember if it was round. I think it went to my niece. I loved that button box and have since made my own just to delve in to every so often.

  3. Great Place to find more WIG Prompts too!


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