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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Remember When: The Yellow Dress

As I've worked to get in the habit of blogging and doing other writing projects I'm thinking more and more about writing my memories for my kids and my own personal growth.

Part of this project is to get all my photographs scanned and identified. I figure I will also weed out some of the photographs that won't mean anything to the future and I probably won't remember many of them anyway. These are things that just need to be done.

Barbara and I were talking over our art journals one day and she described a dress she had when she was seven or eight years old. Yellow with a lacy over dress and small collar and puffy sleeves. It was like a slap in the face because I had a dress just like that but hadn't remembered it in years. Especially the yellow part.

I believe this is that dress which I wore at about 7 1/2 That's my sister and Grandma Jennie.
Those of you who have been reading my blog for awhile will remember "Tuesdays With Rita" which came about through an Internet art group. I tried to bring up memories and suggest topics for readers to write about. I'm going to continue that but now I'm calling it "Remember When."

I hope these writings spur memories just like Barbara's mention of the yellow dress. I hope you will take the time to write them down before they disappear into the dark reaches again.

Your memories matter write them down.


  1. What I'm wondering, Rita is, is there ANOTHER smaller girl behind you, leaning on your back - - - or did you grow a third arm?

    1. I think you are seeing my sister's right hand it does look like a little sprount as it curves behind my arm.

      Whew. Had me worried there for a moment. Lol

  2. I wore a lacey lilac dress with chiffon sleeves to my eighth grade graduation. I wish I still had that dress. I loved how the sleeves felt on my arms when I walked.

  3. Love the dress, Rita! My grandmother used to buy the best dresses for my sister and I. They always matched, which we hated, but they were beautiful. Thank you for sparking that memory :)

  4. I always love these posts Rita. Such a cute dress. I remember a blue flowered dress that my mother made for me--it was robin's egg blue with tiny flowers on it and a little lace around the collar--I think I may have had my picture taken wearing that dress. i will have to go look!!

    1. Your dress sounds so pretty. And special because your Mom made it. Wouldn't you love to have some of the fabric to make something special with?


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