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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Poetry Month

I've never been much for reading poetry or writing it but this week the co-leader for my Writers Inspiration Group had us writing away; for National Poetry Month.

First she had us write six sentences or phrases about something to do with nature. I was thinking about a conversation with my grandson about saguaro cacti.

Holes in the saguaro
Made by cactus wrens, flitting about
Nests on top of each other, year after year
Chirping babies singing
Condominiums - cactus condos

Then we had to write it down to the American haiku of  syllables: 5 - 7 - 5 (Well close anyway.)

Cactus Wrens

Cactus wrens flitting
Saguaro filled with chirping birds
Cactus condominiums

Then we just wrote a story type poem:


Sometimes my grandson amazes me
with his insights into the world.
Sometimes he asks questions
about cacti or dragons or ants on the street.
Sometimes he makes a joke.
Like the other day,
"Grammy, do you know what?"
"No," I say.
"I love you."

Not great poetry or maybe even good but its a start. There is certainly lots of meaning.

Now it's your turn.


  1. I'll skip my turn at poetry, but sure enjoyed your creativity. And "I love you" from your grandson is poetry enough, too!

  2. Rita writes
    words of love.
    Sparks of insight
    from her heart
    for us to delight in.


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