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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Friends Over Time

It's funny sometimes how people, friends, come and go in our lives. When my husband was in high school his step-dad worked for New York Life Insurance Company. One of Lee's fellow agents was Wyatt Earp. Really and truly.

We got to know Wyatt again after we got into Old West writing and re-enacting as Wyatt performs plays written by his wonderful wife, Terry.

Many years ago as I was first getting into genealogy and very active in the Family History Society of Arizona I met Phyllis. Phyllis moved on and we lost touch but happened across each other through her job at Barnes & Noble.

Also in my active genealogy days I became friends with Suzanne who it turned out was my high school English teacher.

We all met at a luncheon hosted by Phyllis and the many book discussion groups she leads. Wyatt and Terry performed "Mr. and Mrs. Wyatt Earp" and Suzanne was one of my guests.

This all makes me appreciate the people I've known over the years, some I still see, others' I don't but may again one day. I appreciate the opportunities I have to be in organizations such as the genealogy club and book discussion groups. I appreciate these people who go out of their way to make these meetings happen.

Ain't Live Grand?
(Sorry Suzanne.)