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Monday, March 26, 2012

Something New

I'm always amazed with the things writers come up with and how many forms of writing there are. I think "new" ones are being invented every day.

One of my favorite sources for writing ideas is my friend. C. B. Wentworth. The other day she posted about something I never would have imagined or even wanted to, Math and Writing. Math? You can read her post here. She calls this mathematickles and they really are fun.

I've tried a few:

big brown eyes + wagging tail = puppy love

hot chai + laptop = writing day

craft store + time to browse = creative ideas

Well, no, they aren't going to go down as great literature or make me a poet laureate. But they are fun.

Share a few of yours in the comments or make your own link back to here.

Have a
fun + relaxing = GREAT DAY.


  1. Cute idea Rita! Nothing pops into my mind at the moment.

  2. To-do list + done = satisfaction. Though it's not true yet -- I'm still working on it!

  3. Oh, I love these! You came up with some really wonderful word equations. :-)

  4. Spring + Flowers = Allergies
    Okay I'll do better.

    Imagination + Effort = novel

    This was fun!



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