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Friday, March 30, 2012

A Little Bit of Heaven

It's a beautiful spring day here in the Sonoran Desert. I'm sitting outside Starbucks with a large green tea; iced and sweetened. The sky is a beautiful blue without a single cloud, the palm fronds are dancing lightly in the breeze and the temperature is near to perfect. I like to call this weather "no-feel" weather because it is so perfect it doesn't feel too warm or too cold.

I love spring. The desert is coming to life and bright colors are everywhere. My favorites are the giant saguaro and their crown of flowers: the Arizona state flower.

I tend to go in spurts with things I'm involved in and using. For example, I love my Remains of the Day journals (Mary Ann Moss class) but sometime I forget about them.
I brought mine along today and am loving looking through it and even writing on a sky blue envelope:
The page also had a picture of a saguaro. How cool is that?

Here's the outside of the journal.  The inside pages have tabs and pockets and places for all the bits and pieces of paper and writings that I come across.

Before I left the house I stuck a partial pad of stationary in the back to write ideas and some writings. While in the process it occurred to me that I have lots of these stationery pads that don't get used anymore . . . because sadly I don't write letters like I used to.
So that colorful pad is now in my purse, lighter than a book
and the individual sheets can be put where they belong:
shopping lists
poetry folder
short story ideas
essay ideas
art ideas
I'm excited about this because when I work in journals these things tend to get "lost" and now not  only am I saving my shoulder some weight but those ideas will stay in front of me.

From simple things come great ideas and some organization.

I hope.

Happy Spring.


  1. Did you take the photo of the Saguaro--the flowers are just wonderful! When I lived in Arizona, I just loved the Saguaro's--there is a place around Black Canyon City when you are driving to Phoenix from Prescott--and that's when you start to see the Saguaros with their welcoming arms!

    1. No I found it on the internet and then I couldn't find it again to credit it. Black Canyon City, home of the greatest pie in the state, or so I'm told.

  2. Glad to see all of the ideas that are 'springing' forth from you all the time!

  3. i carry mine (the purple you made) to work and the blue one is in my garden table
    you do a great job with thm and i love them a lot!
    hugs Rita!
    i will but another one for the summer but i can't wait i may do it sooner :-)

    1. You make me happy. To know that somebody enjoys something I made is wonderful. I'm working on a new batch with different colors.


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