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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Blustery Day

As other parts of the country are getting ready to welcome Spring on Tuesday here in Phoenix we are getting at taste of winter; including hail.

It rained all night and off and on all day. I couldn't work in the garden so I finished the taxes and just as I was putting them together to mail the hail came  . . . there must be a connection.

I didn't get a photo of the hail but here's some of the dark clouds:

 And another view in the opposite direction, towards the
McDowell Mountains.
I've been busy finishing things. An article to the Tombstone Times and a book review to the journal of the Wild West History Association.
I resigned my post as editor of the Phoenix Writers Club newsletter, the Stimulus. I just want to move on to other things for awhile.

Another Inner Critic is going out into the world this week.
So all-in-all a productive week.


  1. That looks like quite a storm!! It's always a relief to get the taxes done isn't it!! I finished ours up today!!

  2. it fells like summer here as it gets to 84 in the afternoon which means there is no excuse not to go for a walk. summer will descend soon Rita and zoom into those dry windy 90s.

  3. here -surprisingly and finally is raining since saturday --unbelievable!!!

    1. The rain was nice. Thank you for visiting.

  4. Glad to hear how productive you have been! You are back in the seing of things! I just loved the weather this weekend as it looks as if hot weather will be upon us soon.

    1. And this weekend was even better. I'm slowly getting back to "normal."


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