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Monday, February 13, 2012


I apologize for being away from my Blogland friends for so long but I guess I just needed some time to cope with life and maybe re-find myself. Doug loosing his job on Dec. 9 threw us both into a major funk and two months of trying to learn new ways to get by and appealing with the DES for funds (we won.)

I'm so happy to announce that Doug went back to work today with a new company, doing more of what he has wanted to do for a long time and with high hopes. Now that I have the house and my desk back I'm using this time to get myself back in gear too.

Well, actually I'm celebrating by having a large hot chai at my favorite Starbucks. Getting back in writer mode. I have been busy and am happy to announce my new Web site for my research and writing business: Please visit here.

Tomorrow is the 100th Birthday for Arizona the 48th State. We went to the celebration at the state capitol on Saturday. Here's a few of my favorite photos:
Street art.
 Rescued wildlife.

Youth corp and the Civil War

Low riders and vintage cars.

Bi-Plane Flyover

Gunfights in the tradition of the Old West

Older transportation.


Chinese Cultural Center

 Spanish Village - Dia de los muertes.

As we were leaving  Jesse McGuire played "The Star-Spangled Banner" Most everybody
stopped: bikers, African-Americans, Latinos, children, adults, cowboys, musicians,
Caucasians, police, vendors. . .