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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tuesdays With Rita: First Christmas

I was thinking about Christmas Past and realized I don't have
many pictures or memories of Christmas as a child.
Sorting pictures back through time I found these two of me and my first Christmas.
My parents and ten-year-old sister were living in a tiny trailer on the main street
of Montezuma, Kansas. Next door was the cafe they owned.
I was born in this trailer in the middle of October. The trailer
was so small my sister had to sleep on the couch.

I can almost feel my Mother's love while studying this picture. I wonder what she was thinking.
I'm intrigued by those costumed dolls on the shelf. They must have been my sister's collection.
They must have been lost in the many moves my family went through
as I don't remember them being around.

Excuse the tearing on this photo. It must have been stuck to another one but it is one
of the few I have of my Father holding me. See my little eye peeking out through the tears?
Even though things didn't work out and I don't have any memories of my dad I can
feel how much he loved me too.
My sister never liked having her picture taken. I can picture Mom and Dad trading of the old box Kodak to get pictures of each of them with their new baby.

Do you have pictures of your first Christmas? Have you been told stories about it?