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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tuesdays With Rita: Christmas Milestones

 Our family didn't take many pictures on an average day but holidays, visiting family and moves seemed to always bring out the camera. Milestones, graduations and birthdays, usually start the shutter bugs. Funny I don't have a single picture from a birthday and I don't remember any birthday parties.

 There are still milestones . . . like the year I got my first record player.
Christmas 1965 I was falling in love with the Beatles (can you see the album already tucked proudly on the stand?) and others.

I was 12 and heading in that in-between time when I still wanted my Barbies but wanted to be "grown-up" too. Times sure were different then. I think girls go through that at 5 now. But no matter. I played lots and lots of music on that record player and although it is long gone I still have most of my record album collection (and something to play it on.)

By the way, I still have some of those ornaments, too.

What milestones in your life coincided with holidays?


  1. How fun to see you in front of your Christmas tree as a young girl. It's a great sweet photo. Thanks for sharing. Susanne

  2. Rita-did you have Meet the Beetles? I sure wish I still had that one!! I remember buying that album and wondering to myself if I should spend the money because they were a brand new group and maybe wouldn't be that popular!! HA!!

  3. Rita, do you see that white ornament with the two red stripes on it? I have the same one!!

    The Beach Boys was the first album I owned, but I do remember going to the movies to see the Beatles movie (Help? Hard Day's Night?) and sitting in the front row, jumping up and down in my seat and screaming -- especially during the scenes where they were running around (for some reason).

  4. I think I had the same record player! And I got ripped off with my first album purchase - someone came up with the Beetles and I didn't know the difference. Sheesh. $4.95 was a lot of babysitting in those days. Lori de Froup

  5. Awesome picture!!!
    the best i've ever seen, wow!


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