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Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Little Bit of Joy

The other day a bit of joy arrived in my post office box. I won a lovely vintage style stocking from Lilla Le Vine in Honolulu. You can see it here. While you are there take a look around at her wonderful vintage/Paris inspired projects.
This is it but my photo isn't near as good as hers.

Inside the stocking were some pretty little tags which I am putting to good use.

Every year the Phoenix Writers Club has a book exchange as part of the Christmas party. Everybody is supposed to bring in a slightly used/or new book and tell us about it. Then we draw numbers to see who gets to choose from the always interesting pile of books. Sound nice? Take a book and get a book?

Well, here's the twist. If you have a book you really want somebody who wants that book and has their turn later can take that book (certain restrictions apply.) Then you get to go choose from the book table again. This goes on for quite some time and it is always fascinating to see which books people end of "fighting" over. I remember last year These Is My Words by Nancy Turner was very popular. It happens to be one of my all-time favorite books.

So Lilla's pretty little tags have been stuck to the books I am taking and one punched and hung from the bag with the numbers along with a couple of little bells. They look very nice.

Here's the books from today's exchange. Paris Wife was the most popular this year.

Some of my Inner Critics held court on the back table and one went home as a door prize.

Thank you, Lilla. For the lovely
stocking and just for sending me some "joy."