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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Letter To Santa

I've often written about my writing group: The Writers Inspiration Group. We get together every Tuesday and somebody gives out prompts and we write for about ten minutes and then read whatever we came up with; if we want. No editing, no critiquing.

What is so amazing is how we often write the same things, or a prompt hits one (or more) of us in the gut. That happened today as Susanne gave us holiday stationery and told us to write a letter to Santa. We could choose a piece of paper with a person on it as the writer (I pulled out "a doctor") or as ourselves or whomever.

The doctor prompt didn't do anything for me but I kept thinking about that two-month-old me I wrote about this morning. So I wrote the letter from "me." It was a very strange feeling to think about what I might have wished for.

Here's my letter:

Then I got home and a friend had left a comment on this morning's post about whether I was talking about the "tear" in the photo or "tears" of the child. It was funny because when I wrote that as "tear" I wasn't sure I was spelling it right because eye tears came to mind. Does that make any sense? lol

This may all seem a bit nonsensical but I wanted to share how writing a simple blog post has touched me during the day and I'm sure will continue to touch me as I think about my family. I don't mean to be sad or anything about this, it's just the way it is and was. It makes me who I am and sometimes coincidences happen to make us appreciate our lives.


  1. Sometimes it's the little things, like writing a letter to Santa, that occur in our daily lives that bring hidden emotions to the surface. Not nonsensical at all.

  2. A nice letter, interesting as much for what is not said as what was. It makes me want to know more, and at the same time wonder if I/we really want to or should know. Stories we remember of of childhood are what makes us what we are, but do we really want to share them?

  3. i know what you mean and not just writing literally also with my big thoughts in my head something made me think why i came up with this or that but you are the gatherer of stories and link and info so you are the one who can makes feel how much we can relate.
    so glad we all have something unique to offer to each other and in the end find the magic of connection


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