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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Letter To Santa

I've often written about my writing group: The Writers Inspiration Group. We get together every Tuesday and somebody gives out prompts and we write for about ten minutes and then read whatever we came up with; if we want. No editing, no critiquing.

What is so amazing is how we often write the same things, or a prompt hits one (or more) of us in the gut. That happened today as Susanne gave us holiday stationery and told us to write a letter to Santa. We could choose a piece of paper with a person on it as the writer (I pulled out "a doctor") or as ourselves or whomever.

The doctor prompt didn't do anything for me but I kept thinking about that two-month-old me I wrote about this morning. So I wrote the letter from "me." It was a very strange feeling to think about what I might have wished for.

Here's my letter:

Then I got home and a friend had left a comment on this morning's post about whether I was talking about the "tear" in the photo or "tears" of the child. It was funny because when I wrote that as "tear" I wasn't sure I was spelling it right because eye tears came to mind. Does that make any sense? lol

This may all seem a bit nonsensical but I wanted to share how writing a simple blog post has touched me during the day and I'm sure will continue to touch me as I think about my family. I don't mean to be sad or anything about this, it's just the way it is and was. It makes me who I am and sometimes coincidences happen to make us appreciate our lives.