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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tuesdays With Rita: A Wee Bit Irish

As a family historian with a wee bit of Irish in the genealogy I was excited to learn about a new research library being built at the Irish Cultural Center in downtown Phoenix.
Here's the artist rendition from the center's Web site. http://www.azirish.org/
 The small cottage on the left has been there for a long time and is built to show what an Irish cottage looked like. I went down there a few years ago to find out exactly what peat for the fireplace would look like. The library and reading rooms will be in the Medieval building in the back.

To the right is the hall where we met last night in a reception for Irish Ambassador Michael Collins.
Here he is being presented a paving stone by one of the Center leaders. He talked about the 500,000 Arizonans with Irish connections and how these Centers bring our past and our present together in pride of being Irish. He talked about his country coming out ahead after three years of tough times. He was most pleasant and made my wee bit of Irish perk right up and feel that pride.
I haven't looked at my genealogy charts in a long time and the only name I can remember right now is McFerran. This family came to America during Colonial Times and left their mark during the Revolution and in various ways since. Now I'm anxious to dig my papers out and re-acquaint myself with my Irish roots.

These are some of the costumes hanging in the hall. The Center hosts many events throughout the year including dances, concerts and dinners.  

This quilt was made by one of the ladies present and will be auctioned off as a fund raiser for the library.

I know I haven't paid enough attention to my Irish ancestors and hope to learn more as time permits. Are you just a wee bit Irish? Have you learned about your Irish background?