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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tuesdays With Rita: Sharing Creativity

My husband often rides his mountain bike in the desert North of Phoenix. In the summer he rides at night with friends but since the temps have dropped he can ride during the day and see new and different things that are outside his flashlight beam.

Saturday he found trash art. There may be an official name for taking whatever is found in the desert and making it in to something but I don't know what it is.

This one has tires, metal, shotgun shells painted red, beer cans, bricks and wood.

 This one has dumped stone and brick, and topped off with a chair and lots of beer cans.
This is all on city land so he hopes some bureaucrats doesn't take it upon
themselves to tear these down.

A friend in Northern Arizona sent me this link:


The art is amazing but most of all I love that this guy just does it. No recognition needed. He just wants to spread the "word" of how he feels about the demise of our libraries and some of his own creativity.

The greatest part, perhaps, is that this happens in Scotland and the newspaper asked if people wanted to know who the artist is and the majority said no. Sadly, they mention this probably couldn't happen in America and I agree.

One of my points with all of this is mentioned in one of the blog comments. These artists are showing "unconditional love." They are sharing their thoughts, passion, time and creativity in a non-promoting manner.

For quite some time now I've wanted to make rocks to spread my thoughts to the world. They won't be anything like these sculptures but I hope they brighten someones day.

How could you spread the "word?"


  1. I love the trash art. I have a friend in Texas who makes lots of found art things. Are you going to leave your stones around places where people can find them? What a wonderful idea!!

  2. i love rocks too!
    and writing on them too
    love street art or here desert art
    hugs my friend

  3. I hike and have never come across this trash art. Thanks for sharing. It's cool.

  4. The trash art is fantastic! I'll have to wander out that way and enjoy it up close :)

  5. What cool things to find! It never ceases to amaze me of the things people do. I love the rock art, I have several in my garden with peace, hope, etc. on them. (hoping I'll get out there and plant the garden again). I still have one on my husband's desk from Andrea that says 'You're the best dad, Love , Andrea. What an inexpensive craft for a teacher to do with her students and it will be around forever on her daddy's desk! Rock on!


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