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Friday, November 25, 2011

Mandala Class

Over at Willowing and Friends Guadalupe Brizuela Cabal has started
a class in doing mandalas. You can find it here.

The class started last week but I haven't had much time to even watch
the videos until last night. Guadalupe gives us two templates to download.
I printed them on cardstock and the "kind-of" followed along with her
directions. I say "kind-of" because I always end up doing my own thing
with these classes.

Here's my mandala from the first template:

I used InkTense watercolor pencils which I love. This gave me a bit of a chance to practice blending but working on cardstock wasn't much fun.

So I tried my own design on watercolor paper and the pencils worked much better but it didn't fit on my scanner very well so the colors here aren't very good.

This has been fun and interesting. She used a compass and a triangle to get the designs and gives lots of information on "reference points" and "adding layers."

I look forward to learning a lot more from this workshop and want to send a special

If you haven't signed up go pay a visit. You will be amazed.