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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Let's make it 222.

I am always amazed and inspired by my writing friend c.b. wentworth. She in turn has been inspired by other bloggers including Cindy Archer. On the linked blogpost Cindy Archer listed 22 things she has done and then 22 things she has not done. Entertaining and thought provoking.

C. B. turned the list into 22 things she is thankful for in reference to Thanksgiving in the U.S. One of the comments mentioned getting 22 people to do the same and then why not 222 people. Sounds good to me.

Since I already did a Thanksgiving list I'm going back to 22 Things About Me:

1. I've been working on my genealogy for about 30 years and have numerous colonial families.
2. I've never been East of the Mississippi.
3. I wrote the book "O.K. Corral Postscript: The Death of Ike Clanton"
4. I used to own a horse name Blaze.
5. I love sarsaparilla.
6. My favorite food is steamed snow crab.
7. I do "morning pages" almost every day.
8. I love wearing my boots, hat and buckskin fringed jacket.
9. I've seen Old Faithful, the giant redwoods, the Royal Gorge and the Grand Canyon.
10. I've accepted that I will never be able to read all the books that catch my interest.
11. I used to backpack into wilderness areas.
12. I have a nine room Victorian dollhouse.
13. I've been working on a book about my childhood for my daughter and it is taking way to long.
14. I enjoy learning new things.
15. I still have my first Barbie, Ken and Skipper.
16. I've never fired a gun.
17. I believe there is life besides here on Earth.
18. I never knew my dad.
19. I love Harry Potter and I'm currently going through all the movies, again.
20. I have lunch almost every Tuesday with a friend of 25+ years.
21. I hate cell phones in restaurants and bookstores.
22. I cherish all the keepsakes from family members who have passed away.

Make your own list of 22 things and link back to this post. Let's see if we can make it to 222 people.

p.s. Even if you don't share your list I found thinking about them made me really aware of how grateful I am for my life.