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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Clanton Days

Terry "Ike" Clanton is quite a character. He is a distant cousin of the original Ike Clanton who played a key roll in the events surrounding the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral. Terry has taken it upon himself to set the record straight about what happened that infamous day in Tombstone, Arizona.

Terry is an actor, announcer, and host of the Haunted Saloon. You can learn more about "Ike" here.

This year my husband and I attended the 18th Annual Clanton Days Rendezvous after a hiatus of three years. We didn't let our friends know we were coming and what fun it was to watch their faces especially since I now wear glasses.

We were only there one night so missed some of the festivities such as Terry's Tour of Tombstone, from the Clanton Point of View. The gunfight reenactment at the O.K. Corral itself. And dinner and liars and costume contests on Friday night.

We showed up at the Tombstone Livery on Saturday night. We dressed Western but not in costumes.  There were our old friends and some new friends to make. We had a chuck wagon style dinner with bean, salad, potatoes and dutch oven brisket. Yum.
Owner of the place, Cowboy Doug, entertained with stories, cowboy fashions and roping tricks.

Our friend, Susanne, sang "God Bless America" dressed as the Western heroine Annie Oakley.
Terry "Ike" Clanton (left) and Ben T. Traywick, retired town historian, answered questions about history and the Town Too Tough to Die.

Later Steven "Doc Holliday" Keith introduced us to his faro table at on Fifth Street and told us about the history of the legendary figure of "Doc."

A grand ol' time was had by all.