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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tuesdays With Rita: Class Reunion

Saturday night was my 40 year class reunion. The attendance was down but we had a great time. It always amazes me how some people change and some stay just the same. Both in looks and personality. Most of us have mellowed: there were a couple who were still snobs.

I attended East High School in Phoenix which was new then and has since been torn down. I am envious of people who can actually go to homecoming and visit their school at the time of reunions.
The girl on the end of the front row with the long hair and her hand in front of her face was at the reunion. She still has beautiful hair. The other one in the middle of the row and turned partially around was there too. I can't really see most of the faces. I was in the back. When I got married I went from a "W" last name to an "A."

One of the guys, Jim, saved Everything. He had all the yearbooks, newspapers, fliers, programs and anything else in the paper area. It was amazing.

Here's everybody that was at the reunion from our class. (There were some other classes there also.)
My husband was way off to the side taking this but he did pretty good. I'm sitting on the right with the white patterened shirt.

Our school colors were red and purple which I hated but now I see that the combination is popular. Who would have thought. Our mascot was the Longhorns which caused a lot of ribbing because the school was a few blocks from the feedlots and packing company. It was especially bad when we had a home game and the wind was in the "wrong" direction.

We split up into the grade schools we had attended. There were quite a few that "fed" into the high school. I actually only attended Balsz a month as we had just moved down from Kansas. That is another story.

One of our classmates is a professional photographer so I look forward to seeing his photos. I took quite a few and when we all got together my husband took some. It's really funny how he wasn't very involved at his school (Scottsdale High) and when we went to his ten year reunion he didn't know anybody. He's found people he knows or have common interests or friends at all my reunions (we've only missed one.) This year it was our student body president, Doug, who knew my husband's step-father and used to have lunch with him about every week. Doug was very excited to meet my Doug and talk about Lee.

My favorite part of the evening was sitting with old friends going through yearbooks. I was on the yearbook staff but also I just love those memories.

What memories do you have of your high school or one of your reunions?