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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tuesdays With Rita: Church Memories

This picture is the Church of God in my hometown of Great Bend, Kansas. The couple standing in the back is my Great Uncle Bill Wilburn, (Preacher) and his wife Ruby.

I remember those pews so well. I remember sitting with my Mom. That window in the back was the nursery and allowed the person caring for the babies to see and hear the sermon.
That's my Mom in the upper right corner with my sister next to her with the glasses. I was sitting in the second row with the other young children. The white scratch is through my face.

My Mom had various ways of keeping me entertained during the sermon. One was to make babies in a blanket from her handkerchief.
They looked like this.

This was one of the handkerchiefs my mother embroidered. Isn't it lovely? See the little "babies" peaking out from the blanket with the flowers?
To make these fold the handkerchief in half.

Then roll up opposite corners to make the babies.
Pull the other corners up behind and in front of the babies to make their little blanket.

I remember these so well. They were one of the ways my Mom showed her love for me.
I still get a warm feeling when I make them for myself.

Do you have special little memories from church or some other quiet time with your parents?