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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Birth Day

Last week I found this little camera on sale for $5.19 at Walgreens. It isn't great but it is lightweight which makes me happy in this time when I am trying to lighten all my loads but still want to come up with photos for my blog.

I had to head to the Arizona State Archives today and put the camera to the test. This building was opened about three years ago after much hard work by many people.

After I finish with my client work I always spend a little time working on my own projects. It is a 30 minute drive so I don't just run down there much anymore.

Today I decided to check the Graham County, Arizona deeds for Doug's Martin family. This is the same family we worked on in Washington. I've felt for awhile that Doug's great grandmother was Jane Remley Martin but I hadn't found her full name in any of the records.

On November 29, 1893 Jane Remley Martin and her husband, James Martin of Solomonville sold a lot in that town to Lydia C. Dowdle. It is unusual for a wife's name to be listed like this, with her maiden name. I don't remember ever seeing it and it is almost always James Martin and wife, Jane Martin.

What I love about research is the mystery, the puzzles and finding the answer. This felt like one great birthday present. So even though Doug was sent to Tucson for the rest of the week I had a pretty good day.

Of course stopping at Starbucks for a large hot chai and a peanut butter cupcake sure didn't hurt. Because the cupcake was a mini I also had an orange/cranberry scone. Yum.

I'll close with a photo of the purple sage. My little camera did pretty good.

Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes and thanks to Jane for helping me find her full name.