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Monday, October 31, 2011

Birds of Prey

On the West side of our house is a very tall eucalyptus tree. We have a standing debate in our house about getting this tree trimmed. I always vote "no."

Now the neighbor across the street has weighed in as a "no" because he is delighting in the birds our tree attracts . . . because it is tall and those empty top branches give them a great view.

This is an osprey (we believe) that he caught a couple of weeks ago. We were gone but he said half the neighborhood was standing around looking at our tree. Osprey live on fish so if this is one we wonder how he is doing here in the desert . . . although there are lakes in the area.               
                                    Last week he watched a hawk enjoying the view.

Pretty soon another hawk appeared and chased the first one away.

Aren't these birds amazing?

We also have a visiting owl but we haven't gotten any photos yet. We believe his/her nest is under one of the overpasses on the the local freeway. I LOVE waking up in the early morning hours and hearing him hoot, hoot, hooting away.

There are so many surprises in the desert, in the city and wherever you may be if you just keep your eyes and ears open.


  1. Fantastic birds! I have flocks of little ornery ones consuming my lawn seed as fast as they can. Thank you for sharing some of their graceful cousins :)

  2. Hi Rita, Wow! you have a great collection of the birds we only see in sanctuaries where we are, right there, on your doorstep. How wonderful. It is so true that we need to only open our ears and eyes to find the beauty in every day. penny

  3. we have turkey birds and vultures that soar above the house and float into dead trees at night. Watching them fly is breathtaking.

  4. Love the photos Rita! When we lived in Texas there was a tree that had dead branches at the top and we had buzzards that would land on there. Very halloweenish!! We have a variety of owls in the woods behind our condo here. i love listening to them.

  5. Wow, how cool is that to see an osprey in the desert. Wonder if someone has a backyard fish pond somewhere near!!

  6. Sure looks like an Osprey to your bloggyland Biology teacher.

  7. Rita,

    Out here, we have quail. One morning, I stopped the car so Mama and Papa Quail could walk across the street with their three little Quails. It was so cute.

  8. You're so right,I see amazing birds here all the time and I love it! I have a pair of HUGE ravens that come to my water troughs every day this time of year to wash their food. Nice post.


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