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Monday, October 24, 2011

BFF - Best Friends Forever

When I was 12 years old a new girl came to town. She lived catty-corner across the alley and we quickly became best friends forever. One time we went to Dodge City, Kansas with my mom and I introduced her to my favorite place: the Longhorn Saloon (sarsparilla) and Boot Hill in general.

That's Lydia on the left and me on the right playing tourist. Boot Hill was great back then, all open and easy to get around. Sadly that has changed but that is another blog post, or not.

We moved to Arizona the next spring and a few months after that Lydia's family moved back to Florida. We have stayed in touch ever since. In school we wrote volumes, maybe why never really journaled. I had Lydia to write with all my teenage woes.

Our birthdays are one day apart and we still exchange gifts. Lydia has an amazing ability to come up with cool stuff. She has sent me Winnie The Pooh books, an Elvis tote bag, Chronicles of Narnia books, jewelry and always caring thoughts.

This year it was a book and mug from Suzy Toronto. They are great. I look forward to lots of inspiration from both but especially the tea I plan on putting in the mug.

Lydia put in a special request for an Inner Critic so I sent her one of those along with a couple of other things. I can just picture her poking the IC and zipping his mouth as she works in the family business office.