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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Watch The Squirrels

Yesterday, Janet, who is in my Yahoo Sketchbook Group wrote to us that she was sitting on the porch watching two squirrels fight. This struck me, especially, because I just wrote a poem about watching squirrels.

I've written before about Quinn McDonald's book Raw Art Journaling: Making Meaning, Making Art. She started a workshop based on the book at the Artists of the Round Table Yahoo Group. I was excited to sign up but because I was in Washington and had limited Internet access I was late getting started. I've been so busy I just can't seem to get focused so I'm following Quinn's worksheets without really staying with the group.

This is the book I am using is this Canson Mix Media spiral bound pad. I really like the size of these books and the weight of the paper.

One of the lessons was to draw our gremlin (or Inner Critic).

This is mine, He doesn't have a name yet. He sits there like an old rock with his mean eyebrows and stitching mouth. Part of the reason he criticizes every thing is he is green (with envy?)
Another lesson is to use found poetry. I love these exercises. You go through a bunch of magazines, catalogues or books and cut out various words. Then playing around with them you "write" a poem.
  Mine reads:


You always wanted
to make a difference,
to discover harmony
and a future of hope.
You only need
to relax
stay positive
and watch the squirrels

The background was done with Neocolor II Watersoluable Crayons,  glue stick, Rapidograph pen and Caran d'Ache Supracolor Soft Aquarelle pencils with a waterbrush.

The next type of found poem is more difficult. Take a page from a book and circle words and phrases that make sense and form your poem. This one reads:

"My parents
gave me the gift of
exquisite molehills,
a green diamond,
and tiny green pearls.

I proudly jump for joy.

No one taught them to fly.
Growing up has its
own treasures.

We hold perfectly still
as feathers come down to our pond,
a fragile family treasure
for imaginary refuge."

This made some sense at the time but now I'm not too sure. That's okay, I'll do more.

The supplies for this were the Caran d'Ache Sup[racolor soft aquarelle pencils, gluestick, Rapidograph pen and a waterbrush.

These pencils are really nice and the best part I found the set of 18 at a thrift store for about $3.00.

Now excuse me while I go sit on the gremlin (or Inner Critic) so he can't keep me from pushing the publish button. 

It is scary to put stuff out there that isn't great but I'm learning. I will . . .

push , , ,

that . . .



  1. Catching up in a hurry. Lots of information in the book that may transfer to other situations. It has helped me think and express in a minimum of words.

  2. I love that first type of found poetry!

  3. Hi Rita!

    I have to say, I think your inner green critic is kinda' cute! lol

    and I love the idea of cutting out words from magazines and creating a poem! How very inspirational..I just might have to try my hand at this one! Thanks for sharing...and also for stopping in to visit with me.

    ciao bella

    Creative Carmelina

    ps..i wonder what my inner critic looks like?

  4. So glad you pushed that button Rita! Your found poetry is wonderful. The words flow just right. What I use for holding words so they don't blow around are those old sticky photo album pages, where you peel back the clear cover and it's tacky underneath? I just stick the words on there and they won't blow away with a sneeze!

  5. Push that button - thank you for doing that - it makes a difference to me. Lori de Froup Lori W at Art Camp for Women


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