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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tuesdays With Rita: Back-to-school, genealogy

Well, it's been over a month since I've been able to spend any time at the computer. I've tried to catch up on e-mails, blog posts, etc. but finally gave up and decided to start fresh. I hope I haven't missed any major developments in the lives of my Internet friends.

The trip to Washington has me thinking about many things. One of them is genealogy and the importance to our children and grandchildren.

The trip to Goldendale to work on my husband's family turned out to be a very special trip for my daughter and I. It was time for just us. Doing something we both enjoy. It reminded me of another trip we took in 1990.

My mother passed away that May. Her wishes were to be buried with my baby brother in Kansas. In June Jessica and I set out for Kansas and spent a couple of weeks visiting family and going to the cemetery. We also did quite a bit of genealogical research. This was in my avid genealogy phase so she didn't have a choice but luckily she has always shown an interest in finding things . . . especially cemeteries.

On this trip we visited Meade County, Kansas where my great, great grandparents settled. We got to see the Keith house; built by John Riley Keith, a stonemason.

We also visited the historical society and found the old Sunnydale School that had been moved in from the country. This was the same school my grandmother went to.
This was a surprise to us and to Grandma when I later showed her the photographs. Jessica is in the classroom talking to the lady

This is an apropos post as this is
my favorite time of year: back-to-
school, with the smell of crayons,
a fresh tray of paints, pencils to
sharpen and all the other joys of
new things.

I've thought that another reason I liked it so much. We didn't have much money growing up but when it came to back-to-school clothes and supplies I always got as much as we could manage.

I loved taking my daughter shopping for her supplies. Who'd have thought that one day I would be taking my grandsons shopping. I just talked to Alex and he is ready for his second week of First Grade and likes math the best.

What are your favorite back-to-school memories?