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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Travel Journal, 2011

Every year I head up to Washington to visit my grandsons. For the past few years I have taken a moleskine journal to record all the little things that happen.
 I put paint on a few pages, add pockets to others, and just generally get it ready for the trip. The first page includes my packing lists and last minute to-do lists from getting ready for the trip. This a page for my tickets and other stuff from the trip up.
 I collect any and everything along the way and as you can see it gets pretty fat by the end of the trip. I do leave a few pages blank along the way so I can go back and add photos when I get home . . . I try to keep the book chronological but that doesn't always work and I don't worry about that.

 One of the "must dos" is prepare a page for Flat Stanley. He is a character from a series of children's books. A bulletin board fell on him and now he can mail himself to all kinds of places and slide in to others to solve little mysteries. When you buy a Flat Stanley book you get a Flat Stanley to take on your adventures. I lost mine so I made a new one and he gets a special place in each of my journals.
During my trip I take him out and get pictures of Stanley enjoying the same things I do. It is fun, especially for the kids. This page is from lunch at the Oyster House on the pier in Olympia, Washington. That is my great, great nephew stuffing his face. We sat outside and I had crab cakes and fried oysters. I absolutely love seafood and this was a great treat.

Another important part of every trip to Washington is visiting the "bee tree" in Naches. This is actually a trumpet vine that has grown up over a utility pole and looks like a tree. It literally buzzes with all the bees. That's why there are bee buttons on the front of the journal. My grandsons and I talk about the bee tree a lot; it is our special place.

Most of these pages are done with watercolor crayons or paints. There are stickers and cutout words from magazines. Pretty simple. I use a glue stick to keep everything in place although for the buttons I used Ultimate Glue and tied them in place on the back with yarn. The writing on the cover is a paint marker. The moleskine is the one with the lavender band and has thicker pages than others. I love them.

I will be sharing more pages from my journal and more about my trip as time goes on. Thank you for visiting and sharing this with me.