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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Street Performers

Here's another spread from my Washington travel journal. I did this in the car on the drive from Seattle to Yakima with only a pencil, Pitt Pen, waterbrush and strips cut from a Peerless Watercolor Paint Book. (If you aren't familiar with these paint books they are wonderful for travel.)
This page was done from memories of the street performers or buskers at the
Pike Place Market a few days before.

We passed this guy and his piano which obviously came out of the van behind him.
He was a fun player and sang a song that had everybody laughing. We went on down the
street for a bit and when we came back he was gone and somebody else in his place. They
must have this schedule down to the minute. It's amazing.

When I spotted these three guys from the back it was like stepping back in time.
Not that I ever saw the Beatles in person.

They were really pretty good as you can see and hear from this short video.
I wish I had filmed them longer. I didn't realize at that point just how much video my little Kodak could actually hold. I figured that out much later.

I've been anxious to show this video to my friend who just spent a month in London and wrote about the buskers there. It was funny when I found a bit of London in Seattle.