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Monday, September 26, 2011

The Medium

Friday evening my husband I went over to Changing Hands Bookstore in Tempe. I love this bookstore but I don't get over there very often.

Allison DuBois was the speaker. For those who don't know, the television show "Medium" was based on her work here in the Phoenix area. As much as I enjoyed the show seeing her in person is amazing. She glows with positive energy and a love of life. I have all of her books including the one she signed Friday, Talk To Me. Allison's husband, Joe, and her daughters were with her. Isn't that wonderful?

The place was packed, far beyond what anybody expected, so we couldn't see her during the talk but I heard her just fine. Some of the things that stand out are:

When we pass-on we revert to the age at which we were happiest. As another of Allison's books says, We Are Their Heaven, so they choose to stay with us. Ask them to give a sign that is indelibly them . . . such as a favorite flower or food. Keep your "conversations" with them happy. They don't want to see you unhappy. If you put pictures up around your house choose ones from when they were younger or happy or well. If you enter a place or room and it feels sick, as if the room has cancer, acknowledge that feeling and it will go away.

When the talk was over and Allison was nearly finished signing I finally made my way up to her to have my book signed and talk for a minute. The last time I saw her she talked about Tombstone, Arizona being one of her favorite places to go because of all the energy. I asked her this time if she had been there lately and she said no but she loves to stay in the Rose Room at the Silver Nugget bed and breakfast. I told her about some of my experiences in the town and it was just great to connect with someone with that common interest . . . even if just for a few moments.

Here's the photo my husband took of our meeting:
Allison, me with my back to the camera, the bookstore lady.

I also had an interesting time with the people who were there. Standing in line at the restroom the lady next to me asked how far we'd come and I told her. She had come about twice as far and I said that was really determination. Her reply was, "To see her? YES!"