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Friday, September 23, 2011

Found Poetry

After I published my post on found  poetry I realized I forgot to show the pictures of working on it.

That little tin is a gift card tin from Michael's. I love these tins. They come in very handy for lots of things; in this case a place to put all my words and phrases cut from magazines and books. Although I said I used a gluestick I actually used this Zig glue pen. These are great for applying just a bit of glue and being left in the car on a hot day doesn't seem to affect them (at least if they are in a bag in the trunk.) Those little scissors come with a cap and are great for travelling, too.

I did notice that I had way too many things to work with. I thought it would be good to spend an afternoon cutting words and phrases and have them all ready to go. But when it came to the poetry it was overwhelming (and even a small cough was disastrous.) I think if I wanted to work on just a poem again I would cut out things that inspired me that moment for the main part and perhaps use my tin for the secondary words. Make sense?

I have been inspired over and over to do these found poems, most recently, of course by Quinn's book. And now my blog has inspired somebody else. Find out more about that at Creative Carmelina. I always find Carmelina's blog inspiring and peaceful because she uses such calming colors.


P.S. I'd love to read your poems!!


  1. If your words chuff away, put them on some very narrow strips of half tacky,or killed masking tape fastened sticky side up to your work board. The tape now comes in neat colors that are just begging to be used in an art project of their own.

    Do you remember the magnetic words used for writing poetry on your 'fridge? I know someone who has a set, or perhaps two. You can also easily make your own giving you a customized vocabulary.

  2. A zig glue pen.Didn't know about these--I am going to get one!1

  3. Rita, I have a bad habit of saving things in zip locks and not quite zipping them up. The result is bits everywhere.

  4. I have like twenty ZIGGIES in my supply collection. Everytime I'm out shopping, I'm thinking...am I almost out of the blue glue? am i? I'd better buy another one just be sure...because I never want to be caught in that creative and inspired moment...andohnoooooo...I'm out of glue!

    showing the 'behind the scenes' really keeps things interesting! we want to see the mess.....the action...the creative storm!!!!

    thanks for the link back...
    I am surprised and even a little gleeful!

    ciao bella

    creative carmelina

  5. What a great collections of clipped words!! I enjoyed your poem too - love it on yellow!

  6. i love love love poems!
    i think i can do this
    i,ve done it somehow
    thank you so much for reminding me of this, it could be so much fun and challenginf too
    but now let's find old books to make poetry ;-)


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