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Friday, August 12, 2011

A Week Up North

Here I am sitting in Starbucks in Yakima, Washington. . . one week in to my three weeks in the Northwest.
I flew in to Seattle last Friday and my great-niece and her two-year-old met me at the airport and we went on to Pike's Place Market. We had never been there when it was completely open. I have to say that is out of my system. It is fun to see all the fruit and vegetables, the fish and seafood and the art and crafts but moving around is horrible. It is so crowded and with a stroller we could barely move.

I love places like that where I can graze . . .a cup of fresh shrimp and a raspberry, white chocolate cheesecake for lunch. Who can ask for more.

Saturday we went to the Olympia Farmer's Market on the pier which is wonderful. Lavender is a big thing up here and I swoon over all of that. So many fresh flowers and breads and pastries. Apple strudel was my choice.

Then off to the Oyster House on the pier for crab cakes and fried oysters. YUM. Little Trent had a kids meal of two large fish strips, french fries, along with crackers and everything else we could find. I have never seen a child eat like him. Besides the fact he's a little doll.

We walked off our late lunch in the shops of the area. Antiques, art, books and other wonderful things to drool over.

Sunday, My daughter and grandson came and got me to cross White Pass in view of Mr. Ranier to spend the rest of my trip here. I'm having a hard time getting on the Internet. And now I find I can't access the pictures I thought I had downloaded. So there aren't any pictures to share here.

One highlight of the flight up was seeing Mount St. Helens thrusting up through the clouds. I'd seen it before but not that close and it was so amazing to see the enormity of it.

I haven't done any writing but I'm trying to keep up with reading. I'm starting to get in to the routine of the household. The boys and walk a mile or so every morning. Tomorrow we will hit the yard sales. Alex lost a tooth yesterday so he's all ready!

I apologize for no pictures. I will work on that. I have so many of Seattle and Pike's Place Market and the fun shops in the area and the buskers and the boys and flowers and everything else. I miss my daily checks of my blogging friends and just emailing. I'm having fun with the boys.