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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tuesdays With Rita: The Dalles

This picture was in the box with my Grandma Jennie's old photos. None of the other family wanted them so they came my way. They are a different style than most of the family photos and could almost be postcards. The first one has "old Navy yard" written on the back.
I was pretty sure the people were my Martin family. They moved around a lot. I have them in Ohio, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Kansas and Oregon.

Long before the Internet I started looking for similar places by digging through
postcards at antique stores. I did find a few places that seemed possible.

Then it was suggested it could be the Columbia River and when I could compare scenes on the Internet I finally felt confident these were taken along that mighty river.

The Martins were obviously adventurous but I think this is pushing it way to far.

I've crossed the Columbia a few times. It is amazing. These photos were apparently taken in the area called The Dalles. I haven't been there but it doesn't look like it is too far from my daughter's. I will be at her house for three weeks. Perhaps we can make a drive down. Perhaps we'll do it another time.

I do hope to walk in my ancestors' footsteps one day. (But not the ones on the cliffs!!!)
Have you made trips to find your ancestors? What did you learn about them and perhaps yourself?