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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Second Week in Washington

Here I am in my second week in Washington. I've had a few adventures and lots of quality time with "my boys." Since I didn't have photos last time here's an overview.
First is Flat Stanley having lunch at the Oyster House on the pier in Olympia. No I did NOT share my crab cakes or fried oysters.

This is Trent, our "Hope" baby. He was born very premature and is now almost two. I can't believe how much food this little guy puts away.

A regular tourist view of the pier in Olympia.

Pike Place Market in Seattle. Flowers, vegetables, fruit, fish and tons of people. Really too crowded for my tastes but fun. Lavender booths galore.

My boys in front of the "Bee Tree" a trumpet vine that has grown up around an utility pole and looks like a tree. It literally hums with all the bees and when we get close the boys hunker down and remind each other to be very quiet so they won't upset the bees.

This is my favorite time of year . . .back-to-school. I love school supplies and couldn't wait until I got here to take the boys school shopping. Brendan is going to be in preschool again which here is part of the regular school. Alex will be in first grade. He didn't have much on his list so I got them some extra things for home. Backpacks and crayons and paper, What Fun!

This is part of our daily routine. The boys get up and have breakfast. I finally drag myself up and we go for a long walk. This is returning home. They live at the end of this street with the park across the street. Lots of green, lots of trees and other fun things.

After our walk we have a snack and then a nap. In the afternoon they ride bikes, scooters, play ball or swim. Sometimes we come in to town.

Saturday Jessica and I went down to Goldendale where my husband's family settled in the late 1800s. They even spent a little time up here in Yakima.

And on the subject of genealogy I posted some pictures of my family a couple of weeks ago. I was told a few years ago these photos were of the Columbia River but after Sue left a comment I went back to check again. I had thought at one point this was Wisconsin. I should have gone with my first choice because Sue was right my family was in Wisconsin. I have more pictures from this group that I will publish when I get home and I found a Web site that shows the same scenes. So I apologize for the error and thank Sue for setting me straight. That is part of genealogy.

I can't wait to show you what Jessica and I found Sat. but that deserves a post in itself. I miss all my friends, I miss my Blogland friends and my Sketchgroup. With such limited internet time I'm lucky to do a post.

Please stay tuned.