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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Back in the Desert

Monday when we left Yakima, Washington is was in the 70s. When we got up in the mountains on the drive to Seattle the car said it was 55 degrees. This photos were taken around Snoqualmie Pass,

elevation 3,022 I didn't make note of the temperature in Seattle but it was cool. Three hours later I landed in Phoenix to find it 109 degrees. When the pilot made the comment as he announced we were descending into Phoenix the whole plane moaned. I want to know where they thought they were going? Phoenix is in the Sonoran Desert. It is August. Think about it. Yes, I get really sensitive about these weather things sometimes.

We arrived at Sea-Tac airport early so I had a long wait but I enjoyed reading and watching people. Three average looking "Joes" came to sit down and then quickly whipped out their high functioning yo-yos and started doing tricks I had never seen. I tried Googling for yo-yo conferences in either Seattle last week or Phoenix this week but didn't find anything. It is always interesting to me to see these little subcultures. There must be a lot of yo-yo enthusiasts around.

I found this YouTube video of a yo-yo master teaching a trick much like the guys were doing in the airport. Remember . . . they were right in front of me between two rows of seats. No causalities.

I have two yo-yos. A plain wooden one that I got at Ed Debevics (a 50's diner) and a nicer one. I just don't know where they are, which is probably just as well.


  1. Looks like your trip was a refreshing experience. I hardly remember 70 degrees!

  2. we bitch all the time about the weather here in Texas as we have had over 100 degrees weather for 27 days. That and no rain means we will be in competition with AZ soon for desert climate status in TX

  3. Good to have you back in the desert! I always wanted to learn how to use a yo yo!

  4. Loved reading this. Sounds like you are having a blast!

  5. Welcome back - the time flew! My g-kids just got yo-yos and I've been trying out my old tricks, can still walk the dog, but that is it so far. Lori W at Art Camp for Women or Lori de Froup

  6. Fantastic photos, Rita! I miss that drive :)


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