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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Back in the Desert

Monday when we left Yakima, Washington is was in the 70s. When we got up in the mountains on the drive to Seattle the car said it was 55 degrees. This photos were taken around Snoqualmie Pass,

elevation 3,022 I didn't make note of the temperature in Seattle but it was cool. Three hours later I landed in Phoenix to find it 109 degrees. When the pilot made the comment as he announced we were descending into Phoenix the whole plane moaned. I want to know where they thought they were going? Phoenix is in the Sonoran Desert. It is August. Think about it. Yes, I get really sensitive about these weather things sometimes.

We arrived at Sea-Tac airport early so I had a long wait but I enjoyed reading and watching people. Three average looking "Joes" came to sit down and then quickly whipped out their high functioning yo-yos and started doing tricks I had never seen. I tried Googling for yo-yo conferences in either Seattle last week or Phoenix this week but didn't find anything. It is always interesting to me to see these little subcultures. There must be a lot of yo-yo enthusiasts around.

I found this YouTube video of a yo-yo master teaching a trick much like the guys were doing in the airport. Remember . . . they were right in front of me between two rows of seats. No causalities.

I have two yo-yos. A plain wooden one that I got at Ed Debevics (a 50's diner) and a nicer one. I just don't know where they are, which is probably just as well.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Pleasant Valley

Driving through south central Washington I tried to imagine what it was like for the early settlers. The rolling hills covered in grasses now broken into fields of corn, orchards, and vineyards.

As we entered Goldendale I was entranced by the Victorian and Queen Anne style houses. My daughter and I were there in view of Mount Hood to learn more about her ancestors.

John Martin was born in Ohio in 1818. He married Susan Jane Philips in Indiana in 1841. The family spent some time in Missouri and Iowa before joining the westward movement. They had eleven children including Doug’s great grandfather, James L. Martin who was born sometime in the early 1850s.

Our first stop was at a beautiful old home on Broadway. The Presby Mansion is the home of the Klickitat County Historical Society and is one of the nicest and most interesting museums I’ve ever seen.

The kind lady who met us at the door showed us into the room where the society keeps their records. With the clues we already had we found information that William A. Martin the eldest son of John and Susan donated land in Pleasant Valley to the Church of Christ as a cemetery. We now have a copy of the deed. We also found a photograph of William Martin and James H. Beaks. We aren’t 100% sure but we feel confident the man on the left is the William. Martin…the resemblance to my husband is uncanny.

Some marriages and a county history added to our information. After touring the museum we drove the 11 miles to Bill Anderson Road where we were to turn right and follow the narrow dirt road that wound back to the cemetery.

After parking we had to open an old ranch gate to make out way into the cemetery. I was so impressed by the side of the hill and Mount Hood in the distance. It took us awhile but we found numerous names that had become familiar during our visit to the historical society. Tuttles, Beeks, Rowley and finally Martin’s were found.

Jessica’s face when we found her great great great grandparents was worth the stickers in my socks and incessant blowing wind.

There in the far corner under a tree were John Martin, August 14, 1818 to May 14, 1896, and Susan Jane Clossin (who had remarried after John’s death) Nov. 1, 1823 to July 29, 1920. “Gone but not forgotten”

Not in this family anyway. When Jessica’s great great grandfather, James Martin, moved to Solomonville, Arizona he took a big step. When Jessica married a man from Yakima, Washington we had no idea she would be returning to her own family roots. Various members of the Martin and Beeks families lived in Yakim including Susan. Susan was also living in Solomonville in 1900. We have indeed followed in their footsteps.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Second Week in Washington

Here I am in my second week in Washington. I've had a few adventures and lots of quality time with "my boys." Since I didn't have photos last time here's an overview.
First is Flat Stanley having lunch at the Oyster House on the pier in Olympia. No I did NOT share my crab cakes or fried oysters.

This is Trent, our "Hope" baby. He was born very premature and is now almost two. I can't believe how much food this little guy puts away.

A regular tourist view of the pier in Olympia.

Pike Place Market in Seattle. Flowers, vegetables, fruit, fish and tons of people. Really too crowded for my tastes but fun. Lavender booths galore.

My boys in front of the "Bee Tree" a trumpet vine that has grown up around an utility pole and looks like a tree. It literally hums with all the bees and when we get close the boys hunker down and remind each other to be very quiet so they won't upset the bees.

This is my favorite time of year . . .back-to-school. I love school supplies and couldn't wait until I got here to take the boys school shopping. Brendan is going to be in preschool again which here is part of the regular school. Alex will be in first grade. He didn't have much on his list so I got them some extra things for home. Backpacks and crayons and paper, What Fun!

This is part of our daily routine. The boys get up and have breakfast. I finally drag myself up and we go for a long walk. This is returning home. They live at the end of this street with the park across the street. Lots of green, lots of trees and other fun things.

After our walk we have a snack and then a nap. In the afternoon they ride bikes, scooters, play ball or swim. Sometimes we come in to town.

Saturday Jessica and I went down to Goldendale where my husband's family settled in the late 1800s. They even spent a little time up here in Yakima.

And on the subject of genealogy I posted some pictures of my family a couple of weeks ago. I was told a few years ago these photos were of the Columbia River but after Sue left a comment I went back to check again. I had thought at one point this was Wisconsin. I should have gone with my first choice because Sue was right my family was in Wisconsin. I have more pictures from this group that I will publish when I get home and I found a Web site that shows the same scenes. So I apologize for the error and thank Sue for setting me straight. That is part of genealogy.

I can't wait to show you what Jessica and I found Sat. but that deserves a post in itself. I miss all my friends, I miss my Blogland friends and my Sketchgroup. With such limited internet time I'm lucky to do a post.

Please stay tuned.

Friday, August 12, 2011

A Week Up North

Here I am sitting in Starbucks in Yakima, Washington. . . one week in to my three weeks in the Northwest.
I flew in to Seattle last Friday and my great-niece and her two-year-old met me at the airport and we went on to Pike's Place Market. We had never been there when it was completely open. I have to say that is out of my system. It is fun to see all the fruit and vegetables, the fish and seafood and the art and crafts but moving around is horrible. It is so crowded and with a stroller we could barely move.

I love places like that where I can graze . . .a cup of fresh shrimp and a raspberry, white chocolate cheesecake for lunch. Who can ask for more.

Saturday we went to the Olympia Farmer's Market on the pier which is wonderful. Lavender is a big thing up here and I swoon over all of that. So many fresh flowers and breads and pastries. Apple strudel was my choice.

Then off to the Oyster House on the pier for crab cakes and fried oysters. YUM. Little Trent had a kids meal of two large fish strips, french fries, along with crackers and everything else we could find. I have never seen a child eat like him. Besides the fact he's a little doll.

We walked off our late lunch in the shops of the area. Antiques, art, books and other wonderful things to drool over.

Sunday, My daughter and grandson came and got me to cross White Pass in view of Mr. Ranier to spend the rest of my trip here. I'm having a hard time getting on the Internet. And now I find I can't access the pictures I thought I had downloaded. So there aren't any pictures to share here.

One highlight of the flight up was seeing Mount St. Helens thrusting up through the clouds. I'd seen it before but not that close and it was so amazing to see the enormity of it.

I haven't done any writing but I'm trying to keep up with reading. I'm starting to get in to the routine of the household. The boys and walk a mile or so every morning. Tomorrow we will hit the yard sales. Alex lost a tooth yesterday so he's all ready!

I apologize for no pictures. I will work on that. I have so many of Seattle and Pike's Place Market and the fun shops in the area and the buskers and the boys and flowers and everything else. I miss my daily checks of my blogging friends and just emailing. I'm having fun with the boys.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Drum Roll Please. . . . . . . .

The winner of the 200th Post drawing for this Inner Critic is. . .


I will zip him up and put him in the mail before I leave Friday.

(Thanks everyone for the comments and the support through 202 posts!)

Tuesdays With Rita: The Dalles

This picture was in the box with my Grandma Jennie's old photos. None of the other family wanted them so they came my way. They are a different style than most of the family photos and could almost be postcards. The first one has "old Navy yard" written on the back.
I was pretty sure the people were my Martin family. They moved around a lot. I have them in Ohio, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Kansas and Oregon.

Long before the Internet I started looking for similar places by digging through
postcards at antique stores. I did find a few places that seemed possible.

Then it was suggested it could be the Columbia River and when I could compare scenes on the Internet I finally felt confident these were taken along that mighty river.

The Martins were obviously adventurous but I think this is pushing it way to far.

I've crossed the Columbia a few times. It is amazing. These photos were apparently taken in the area called The Dalles. I haven't been there but it doesn't look like it is too far from my daughter's. I will be at her house for three weeks. Perhaps we can make a drive down. Perhaps we'll do it another time.

I do hope to walk in my ancestors' footsteps one day. (But not the ones on the cliffs!!!)
Have you made trips to find your ancestors? What did you learn about them and perhaps yourself?

Monday, August 1, 2011

Counting Down the Days

It's time. The weeks of waiting for my trip to Washington to visit my grandsons is finally down to days - four to be exact. With the countdown has come the lists of things to do, errands to run, things to pack and deadlines to meet.

One of the priorities is getting a Moleskine sketchbook ready to keep track of the journey.
This is my book for this year. I found the great pencil bag at Walmart. It loops right over the journal and carries the pencils, pens and eraser I use the most.

There are Pitt pens, drawing pencils, charcoal pencils, black and white gel pens,
highlighters and a blending stump.

This is an inside page in the journal with some pictures I've cut out of magazines along with one of my lists. The pencil pouch can also go on the plane - it has watercolor pencils, an empty water brush that I can fill after passing through security and a tape runner.

This page has a pocket for Flat Stanley who always travels with us on major trips; and sometimes here int ow. This little bag will go in the checked suitcase. It has a small jar of gesso, scissors, glue stick, stamp pad and stamps, and various other items to add marks, color and texture to the pages of my journal.

One thing off the list.
Another to-do has been sprucing up the garden. We've had storms with lots of rain the last couple of nights and the garden is really blooming. This okra plant is almost as tall as I am and full of okra. The blooms are really pretty.

As I continue the countdown and begin my journey I will try to keep up with posts. (If you missed the 200th post you might want to go back and take a look for a special drawing that will take place tomorrow.)

Until then have a Great Week.