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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Under the Zucchini Leaf

 Meet Aunt Sage. She lives
under the zucchini leaf in
my special Arizona garden.

I met Aunt Sage when my writing buddy, Christine, brought her to our group yesterday.
She isn't much of a writer, the green thumb tends to get in the way, but she is great for the garden and on careful consideration she came home to live under the zucchini leaf.
She has her gardening gloves and a seed packet tucked neatly in her apron and of course a straw hat on her head...an absolute must in the Arizona sun.

So the question now is...how will she do with taking care of the weeds?

(Thank you, Christine.)


  1. I hope you will bring her in out of the monsoons in the afternoon. Her hat doesn't look like it would give her much protection!!

  2. Is Aunt Sage's first name Rosemary? She's adorable. Great photo. I think she'd pleased.

  3. she is very cute, i will keep an eye in your etsy for her

  4. Oh, she is totally precious!! What a delightful aunt!!!


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