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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tuesdays With Rita: Lucy Martin Overdeer, Coming Together

Isn't this picture lovely? This is my husband's great grandmother, Evelyn Lucille (Martin) Overdeer.
She was born in 1888 in Washington State and died in Globe, Arizona in 1920.

One time while visiting with Doug's "Granny" as everyone called her she allowed me to go through a box of photos and make copies with my camera. I had a special set of lenses that fit on the front of my SLR. (This was way before digital took over.) I was able to use natural light and get copies.

Granny told me the Martin's were from Goldendale, WA but I haven't had much luck in researching them until recently. Nobody in Doug's generation or even his mother's kept track of the genealogy. As far as I have found out there hasn't been any connection with the Martins since Granny was a small girl.

I happened across some articles in the early Arizona newspapers that gave me the connection. And surprise, surprise, surprise...some of them were in the tiny town where my daughter and her family now live. Through Ancestry and other sources I have traced the Martins back to Missouri and then Iowa. I wonder what the chances are they will be found in Ohio or Maryland where my Martin family were living generations earlier. Or even be from a common ancestor.

Twilight Zone music...I just realized Doug's great grandma was born a Martin and mine became a Martin through marriage. Her husband spent some time in Oregon and his father is buried in Portland.

This is just some of those synchronicities that happen while doing genealogical research. The connections can be uncanny.

For now I'm happy to know more about the lady in this photo and perhaps when I visit up there next month I can find even more about her Washington relatives.

Do you know of "coming together" stories in your family? Stories in which members of your family seem to come back together after generations or long distances?