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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tuesdays WIth Rita: Dust Bowl, Monsoon

Summer Storms.

Many people have emailed me or commented after seeing the dust storm we had last Tuesday. It was a pretty big one. But not that unusual. We stood at the kitchen window and could see the house behind us although it was a bit hazy. The streetlight in front of it was a very dim glow. We couldn't see anything beyond that.

What was really strange was seeing all the dust in the morning. It was pooled in dips and looked like tan waves on the parking lots. Cars looked like they had grown fur overnight. Most of them still do...we don't bother to wash our cars very often in monsoon season. In my garden the zucchini leaves looked like they had some strange disease and my lettuce felt all velvety.

We've had a couple of smaller dust storms since then and some thunder and rain two nights ago. You just never know what will happen this time of year. However, what happens in one part of the Valley of the Sun doesn't happen all over. I was talking to a friend once who lives about a mile or so away...she was getting dumped on and we didn't get a drop.

I once heard a hairdresser say that if the weathermen say we have a 50% chance of rain it means that only 50% of the Valley will get rain. That's the best explanation I've heard.

The monsoon starts the first week or two of July and lasts through August. The weather goes from hot and humid to balmy to dusty to pouring down rain. You can see more about it here.

While watching the dust I got to thinking about the Dust Bowl my grandparents lived through. I wrote about that here. The family was in the cellar and couldn't tell when Grandad opened the doors and went outside...the dirt was so think it was black as night. That lasted for a very long time and whole cars and cattle were buried. People died.

This storm made national news. Makes me wonder about all the sensational stuff we see on tv.

One of the great things about the monsoons is the sunsets. I always enjoy a good sunset...but often forget to take pictures.

I've always been a bit afraid of storms and especially lightening. I still remember my grandparents telling me not to stand near the windows and for sure stay away from trees. No matter that those trees surrounded the house.

What storm memories do you have?