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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tuesdays With Rita: Swimming Babies

 My friend, Cindi, wrote on her blog Loving Arizona Living, recently about how important pools are to all of us in Arizona. She was a Jersey girl and didn't grow up with pools just like this Kansas girl.

Raising families in Arizona changed that. Even though we didn't have a pool we decided it was important to start our daughter in swimming and survival at an early age. Here we are (I'm wearing the hat) in swim class when she was just a few months old. The program was called Swimfants and was a big hit.

She stayed in the program until she was about four
years old. She developed strong swimming skills.
Here she is with the instructor.

And our little bathing beauty. I have always loved this photo for some reason.
No the poor kid didn't have a chance. I didn't have any hair either.
As the popularity of the program grew the series, "That's Incredible" came to town to film the kids. We still have the video and there is a brief view of my back and Jessica jumping into the water. Gosh we haven't looked at that in years.
Since she was so young Jessica doesn't have many memories of those Swimfant years. She does remember swimming on the local Parks & Recreation team and going to meets all over the Valley of the Sun.

What memories do you have of heading to the pool?