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Friday, July 1, 2011

There and Back Again

I am sitting in the coffee shop across from my friend and fellow writer, C. B. Wentworth. C.B. returned a week or so ago from spending a month in London just "being." She's posted many photos from her trip including a pic she took for me of the Old Curiosity Shop. (I'm a big Dickens fan.) (Thank you, C. B.)

Today she was writing about all the junk food she enjoyed as part of "getting to know the neighborhood." Well, I have to say she brought back a Galaxy bar to share and English chocolate is so different from ours, especially when fresh. A heavenly delight. Today we settled for a mint chocolate Godiva bar. It worked.

C. B spent her month doing some touristy stuff but mostly just picking a direction to go for the day and jumping on the tube to explore with her main interest being coffee shops and book stores. She walked along the Thames and saw so many wonderful sights. She is still in a surreal world somewhere between London and Arizona but I'm glad to have her home and to take in all her excitement and amazing stories.

Even though the heat here in the desert is daunting right now I hope to catch some of her excitement and maybe find some new out-of-the-way places here in Phoenix. After all, many people come here from all over the world to do what C. B. did in London. In the meantime, I hope you will join me in following her adventures and make sure to backtrack through her blog to see more of Jolly Ol' England.

Thanks for sharing C. B.