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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Inner Critic Tour

Quinn McDonald has a free giveaway going on over at Create Mixed Media which includes her new book and one of my stuffed Inner Critics. Inspiring mixed media artist, Violette, has made a link to this on her blog here.

Thanks to Quinn, Violette and others, the little stuffies are making a whirlwind tour through blogland.

Thanks to everybody who helps spread the word.

To help celebrate I'm putting a
new batch of Inner Critics in my Etsy shop.

These little guys have been so much fun to make, sell and share. Writers, artists and everybody else with big mouthed Inner Critics can now tell them to just ZIP IT.


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE these!! I'm so proud of you Rita :-D

  2. I love them too. the boggly eyes and of course the zipped lips - not sinking any ships here. Lori at Art Camp for Women

  3. Lol Rita, i love that idea and these are just so cute too.
    Hope you have had a lovely weekend
    Hugs June xxx

  4. I think, if it is possible, that your critters are getting even cuter. Keep 'em zipped,

  5. Glad to know that other folks will get their hands on an Inner Critic. I don't edit without mine!!


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