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Thursday, July 28, 2011

200th Post

Wow. That snuck up on me. Two hundred posts.

I'm here at Barnes & Noble in "my" writing spot. I put that in parenthesise because if my writing buddies are here we get shifted around. But today, one is on her way to Missouri and the other is working so I'm all alone. I thought I would get a lot done but the files I thought were on my flash drive are not there. I was using the desktop so they safely at home. No getting the Phoenix Writers Club newsletter done, no writing an article on the Huachuca Water Company for the "Tombstone Times."

I do have a large hot chai to finish so I'm settled for awhile. Gee. I'm being forced to take a break. How cool is that?

We went to Quinn McDonald's book release at Changing Hands bookstore last night. It was great. There were over 30 people including some I've known on-line but never met in person. (We have plans to get together when I get back from Washington.) Quinn told some great stories about her days working for the CIA and FBI. She talked about the background of her new book. And had us make ourselves permission slips to do something we normally have a hard time doing . . . let go, make art,
make mistakes, take time off, whatever.

Near the end she held up two Inner Critic stuffies as prizes. The whole room went "Ahhhhhhhhhhh." It was so funny. Congratulations to the winners should they find me through the tag. It was pretty amazing to see the reaction of that many people all at once.

This morning I put three more in the mail to make their way to their new homes. I wonder if I remembered to zip their mouths shut. That could get pretty scary for some unsuspecting postal worker who doesn't usually listen to his inner critic.

I also had to go have a little replacement part put on my Kia, and stop by to pick up my eyedrops at the pharmacy. They were waiting for a fax from the Doc but when I called them they hadn't gotten the fax to begin with. This happens so often and I really wonder why they insist on using that system; especially when they don't double check. Just another gripe about the way our society has gone.

I did pick up a couple of post cards to send to my grandsons to remind them I am coming in about a week to give them big hugs and take them to visit the"bee tree." Alex has been worried because they are having a late season and the bee tree hadn't bloomed yet, and if the tree didn't bloom there wouldn't be any bees, and Grammy couldn't visit until we could go see the bee three.

Being a grandparent is the greatest thing on earth. Even when they are far away. It just takes a little more effort to find special things.

I hope you haven't minded the wee bit of rambling. As a reward to those who have stuck with me through this post, and in celebration of my 200th post, I'm going to have a contest. Leave a comment below and on Tuesday I will draw a name for one of you wonderful readers to win their own Inner Critic.

Good Luck. Enjoy and remember to take time for yourself.