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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tuesdays With Rita: First Gifts, Shopping

This ad is from the Great Bend (Kansas) Daily Tribune of October 31, 1961. It was my sister's senior year in high school and I had just turned eight. Gibsons officially opened the first week of November and was the first discount center in my home town. It was out on Washington Street which was also the highway that went through town. I can still remember the "feel" of the store. It was the place where I bought the first gift for my mom...on my own. Or at least the first one I remember.
Mom loved chickens and the color orange. I don't remember if there were any chickens but I got her this very orange toucan hanging planter and it hung over her kitchen sink from that time until the day she died.

Since then it has hung in my bathroom with the same plastic plant that mom had put in it long ago. 

It's odd but I can vividly remember buying this toucan. Of course mom was in the store but in another section. I was on the right hand side and there were plastic flowers and such in the area. I imagine mom wasn't too excited about a toucan but she cherished it and later when we went to Disneyland for the first time it fit in to memories of the Tiki Tiki Room.

What memories do you have of buying a special gift for somebody in your family? Is the item still around? 


  1. My hometown had a Gibsons! Your first gift to mom brings a favorite breatkfast cereal when I was little - Fruit Loops - to mind.

  2. How happy you must be to still have the tucan now hanging now in your home. I remember buying my mother a big plastic orange tree in a gold pot. We lived in Illinois and I think even then I was dreaming of Arizona! Not sure if the gift was what she wanted but I just thought it was so wonderful and I think I knew she dreamed of more tropical places, too!


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