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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tuesdays With Rita: Concession Stands

I've been on a cozy mystery reading kick. I've always loved cozies but in recent years I've tried to broaden my reading list. However, I always come back to cozies.

Cozies are just what the name implies. There's a murder off-stage and a group of people, usually friends living in a small town with simple lives that continue on after one of them solves the mystery. Think Agatha Christie and Jessica Fletcher.

Right now I am reading "Writers of the Purple Sage" by Barbara Burnett Smith. I found this on a sale rack quite a while back and of course it caught my attention because it is about a writer's group in the town of Purple Sage, Texas. Besides enjoying the book itself I'm learning some interesting tricks about writing from the characters. I have always wanted to write a cozy. One of those dreams I just never follow up on.

While reading last night this particular sentence stirred some strong memories. The main character, Jolie Wyatt has just arrived at the baseball field to watch her son play.

"I got out of the car and walked across the hard-packed dirt toward the small cinder-block building that served as the concession stand."

Suddenly I was back in the park in Great Bend, Kansas. Just behind the pool and probably near the fields, although I can't remember that detail, was the concession stand. The concession stand was small and usually manned by a high school girl bored out of her mind. She barely had to get off her stool to reach everything on the shelves. I don't remember if the stand was open during big events in the park but I sure do remember stopping paying it a visit.

After swimming in the public pool my friends and I stopped there for a snack to munch on as we walked home. My favorite was a frozen Zero candy bar. I still get them occasionally although but my adult self and my older teeth don't enjoy them as much as I did then.

Did the description of the concession stand jog any memories for you?