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Friday, June 17, 2011

How Does Your Garden Grow

It's finally over...my second cataract surgery was Wednesday and now I'm on the road to better sight. I like to take times like this to think of beginnings. Since I can't drive and I'm supposed to be somewhat quiet this seems like a good time to get some projects organized. To think about some articles I want to write and even get a start on some of them.

Meanwhile, life is going on around me.

My garden is growing and we are both looking forward to harvesting zucchini, lettuce, and okra in the morning. The tomatoes are lagging behind but I'm sure they will be worth the wait.

I worked really hard before the surgery to get as many weeds pulled as I could. Now Doug has taken over and I think he is enjoying the peaceful time among the green plants.

About a year ago I took Mary Ann Moss' "Remains of the Day" class. I love these wonderful journals. The yahoo group that came from members of the classes is supportive with sharing of ideas and techniques. We also have various swaps. This week I received ten pages made by other members and now I can't wait to put them in to a brand new ROD style journal.

Always generous other goodies were included with the package of finished pages. Aren't these wonderful bits and pieces of things for future ROD pages or collages?
The huge paper clip cracked me up.

So midst the renewal of my eyes I'm renewing my focus and some of my immediate goals. Are there any changes going on in your life that can be a catalyst for other positive changes?