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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tuesdays With Rita: Baby Animals

We don't seem to hear much about it these days (or maybe it is because I live in a big city) but when I was small it was very common for children to receive baby chicks, ducks or bunnies for Easter.
My husband once had a duck named Mr. Peepers.
I had this chick. I don't remember his name.

I loved that little chick but of course the day came when we had to get rid of it. (Probably the reason these pets have gone out of style.) I was so upset. My mom told me that our neighbor had a friend on a farm who was going to take my little chick (along with her children's chicks if I remember right.)

I remember one day walking by the neighbor's porch (pictured above with our dog and my chick) and she was standing out there. I must have sent her some real crusties because she said, "I know you think I was the reason you had to get rid of your chicken but it wasn't my fault." I don't remember answering.

I still love baby chicks and wish we could have them here. Of course, just like puppies, they do grow up. We have had rabbits but it turned out I'm allergic to them.

During our Writers Inspiration Group this week I'm going to ask they write about an Easter pet. It can either be their own story or one they make up.

To get them started I'm bringing my chick and a ZhuZhu in a bunny costume.

Did you have an Easter pet?